Kulan Center

Community Health

East African Community Center, dba Kulan Center is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization based in the Twin Cities. Kulan Center aims to establish and manage programs that build and foster a healthy community, promote health equity, and provide personal and family wellbeing. On the COVID-19 Community Engagement program, Kulan Center conducted various outreach efforts guided by trauma-informed care model that is built around accurate information on the benefits of COVID-19 vaccine. Kulan Center also completed community health survey in collaboration with Minneapolis Health Department.

Workforce Development 

Many of our target population are immigrants, but we serve people from all backgrounds and ethnicities. It is our mission to be an open, supportive, and welcoming environment for at-risk youth through peer support, coaching, and mentorship. Kulan Center aims to connect disadvantaged populations with resources and information so they can access both primary care and job opportunities.

Kulan Center aims to pursue the following strategic goals:

  1. Programs and innovative strategies that respond to systemic health and economic disparities faced by at-risk youth and immigrant families through:
    • Coaching, peer support, and personal well-being
    • Training for high-demand jobs for youth, ages 15-19.

Family and Child Development 

Kulan Center is committed to reducing health disparities.  A study completed by the University of Minnesota and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found the rate of autism incidence is high in the Somali population. One Somali child in 32 was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, the study found.  Kulan Center will provide targeted outreach to break down the barriers of cultural stigma by training parents to seek access to early detection, early intervention, and timely treatment.

Kulan Center has dedicated staff and volunteers that have the qualifications, expertise, and experience to harness community resources and conduct critical work.

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