Kulan Center


East African Community Center is a not-for profit, 501(c)(3), organization, doing business as (DBA) Kulan Center. EACC operates from a philosophy of community. EACC aims to establish and administer programs that foster a healthy community and personal and family wellbeing in the Twin Cities.


The mission of East African Community Center (EACC), dba Kulan Center is to foster open, supportive, and welcoming environment for at-risk youth affected by prevalent substance use disorder and immigrant families and refugees in Twin Cities Metro Area through equitable programs that respond to systemic disparities through coaching, peer support, personal, behavioral, and family well-being, and an overall healthy community.

We will also leverage community resources to educate and empower immigrant families and at-risk youth by investing in their future to grow, thrive, and achieve their highest potential. Kulan Center stands to provide job training and youth leadership development that will promote independence and economic self-sufficiency.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a multi-purpose center focused on innovative solutions to address social determinants of health and community development needs.

Guiding Principles

  • Community: We understand our work is to respond to and bring meaningful change to the pervasive issues and persistent health and other socio-economic disparities of our time.
  • Collaboration: We actively seek and value the contributions and input of our community members and donors.
  • Respect: Each person is held with high esteem; we recognize that each person is unique and endowed with talent and gift; we listen and value different perspectives and ideas and we learn from each other.
  • Accountability: Our actions are informed by applied research, direct consultation with various segments of our community, and measurable outcome.
Kulan Center